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 Only Official Pictured Roster Form

ISSA Affiliated teams and players will use ISSA official pictured team rosters. No others will be accepted.

Team managers or team captains will present only official colored ISSA pictured player rosters to the referee prior to being allowed to play.  All players must be on the roster or they are not allowed to play!

There are NO exceptions to the rule.  All insurance coverage is void if you let an unregistered player play.  That means there is no insurance coverage in place for the players, the league or the referees.

All players MUST be registered and listed on the ISSA Official Roster or the game is not considered an official sanctioned game.

Remember if you are playing in two different leagues you MUST register in both leagues so that you will show up on both leagues rosters. 

Be sure to upload a picture and then a copy of your drivers license or some form of ID that has your picture, name and DOB.

NO - refunds!

We Must All End the Culture of Referees Abuse and Intimidation

 ISSA will not tolerate any abuse or intimidation of our referees.  The Culture of abuse must stop and we are committed to strive to change the culture of abuse.  Everyone is on notice that we will not tolerate any type of abuse or intimidation of our referees.  We encourage all referees to report any form of abuse and intimidation. We insist that all leagues develop a policy against referee abuse and intimidation. And then strictly enforce your policy. 


Thank you for helping us with the identification of players on your teams by uploading another form of ID.  This helps the referees and the leagues to ensure all players are registered and properly identified as playing in their correct age divisions.

To register you can find your Leagues link below. Each player is responsible for keeping their information current and correct.  You should always input the information yourself. Remember to always select the seasonal year first after you log in. New players to the system be advised when downloading pictures - NO hats or head coverings of any kind- NO sunglasses -headshots only and no one else in the picture. DO NOT use your driver's license photo. And yes you need to upload BOTH your Picture and your ID.  

You will be asked to read and you must accept the waiver and safe sports information to complete your registration.  You can pay with a credit card or debit card.

For players under 18, their parents must register them so the appropriate waiver is in place.

All members/players are subject to the Child Abuse Reporting Act. For adult teams, this means that if you have players under the age of 18 you must comply with the law. Upon registering you will be given the link to the online training.


The link to your League registration page is below. Just click on your league name and get registered.

*Please note you will be charged a 2.5% convenience fee for debit/credit card transactions or a $5.00 convenience fee for eCheck transactions.

NO Refunds!

Pictures for registration

Pictures for registration


Did you know that when you register with ISSA you also become a member of not only US Soccer but Fifa.  That's right each player that registers with ISSA will also get a Fifa registration number that they will keep for life.  So what are you waiting for come join the international world of SOCCER.

Code of Conduct 

The Idaho State Soccer Association (ISSA) is concerned with the safety and enjoyment of all participants involved in our programs. The following Code of Conduct will be a guide for all involved in our programs whether it be a team, player, coach, manager, administrator, spectator, or referee.

Participants are expected to treat each other with respect. Absolutely no acts of violence will be tolerated. Our intention is to ensure that the game of soccer is enjoyed by all that choose to participate in a civilized and gentlemanly manner and that the principles of fair play and good sportsmanship prevail.

Acts of violence from spectators or players may result in immediate removal from your league for players, teams and or both. Teams are responsible for all actions of their spectators and players.

Participants that exhibit or continue to exhibit traits of conduct unbecoming to the organization will be denied access to the programs.

We highly recommend that all ejections (red cards) be reviewed and strict speedy action be taken to remove those from teams and leagues that exhibit violent behavior or actions toward any other participant as outlined by this Code of Conduct.

Cautions (yellow cards) should be reviewed with the intent to look for those that are constant offenders and tend to bend the rules or push the envelope of this Code of Conduct. Constant offenders should be denied access to the programs. 

We expect all non-playing participants to display traits commiserate with their positions.

Athlete Safety

What to do when we have an emergency during soccer activities

CPR Training

Everyone should consider CPR training

Safe Sports Policy

Safe Sports Information

Affiliation Benefits provided and Costs


Standard yearly player registration (Jan 1 through Dec 31 of each year)$30.00


  • $25,000 Participant Accident Insurance which is a $400.00 deductable scheduled Benefit plan.
  • $5,000,000.00 General Liability Aggregate (certificate of insurance issued)
  • Becomes a member of Idaho State Soccer Association, US Soccer and FIFA. 

ISSA State Cup


2023 State Cup Champions -  Alfa FC from the SISL

2023 Coed Cup Champions - Injured Reserves from SISL

They each won $1,000.00 prize money and were awarded Cup/trophy, individual medals, and some ISSA memorabilia.

They now have Bragging rights as to having the best team in Idaho!

We want to thank all the entrants, referees, volunteers and of course, Eduardo Garcia the ISSA VP of Competitions.

All the entrants went away with some ISSA memorabilia.





Christie Rampone Soccer Tips



Remember if you are playing in two different leagues you MUST register in both leagues so that you will show up on both leagues rosters.

Want to Become a Referee?

If you are interested in becoming a soccer referee please go to this link for information.

Greetings Members and Friends...

We welcome our members, guests and friends to the Idaho State Soccer Association (ISSA) website. ISSA is an adult soccer association that is serving adult soccer teams and players throughout the state of Idaho.  

ISSA is a Charter Member Association of the United States Soccer Federation (US Soccer) established in 1980.

We are proud to be affiliated with US Soccer and FIFA, and a part of the world of soccer, join us. 

Paul Scherer, ISSA President.

About Us


State Office

Phone: 208-376-1635 
Address: PO Box 190069, Boise, ID, 83709 


Paul Scherer
Phone: 208-376-1635 
Address: 10855 Ashburton Drive, Boise, ID, 83709

Executive Vice President

Teresa Andrew
Phone: 208-345- 2915

Address: 2221 Illinois, Boise, ID 83706


Eduardo Garcia

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Grace Scherer


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State Referee Administrator

Josh Thompson