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Changes are coming to the way players will register to play affiliated soccer in Idaho. 

As of January 1, 2017 each player that registered with ISSA must have a electronic waiver on file along with registering on line.

The process for registering on line will be simple and easy to use.  Each individual person will register by setting up an account on the registration page.  Then they will proceed to enter their required information, supply an electronic picture and accept the waiver as presented to them.  They will then make a payment on line for their ISSA registration fee.

Benefits of the online registration system include:

  • Immediate registration of the player allowing them to play right away (that means no more waiting for the player pass to be printed before you can play.  Your team captain will have access to your team’s roster and as the player registers that player is listed on the official roster which can then be printed off each week for presentation to the referee prior to each game.
  • Gives the team manger or captain an official ISSA game roster for the referee to check in your players for each game.
  • Players that are serving a sanction will be crossed out on the roster until they pay their fines or serve their sanctions.  So you will have to print the roster off prior to each game.  Rosters printed off at one time at the beginning of the season will not be accepted; only a roster printed off the week of the game to be played are acceptable.  This insures that each player is not serving a sanction and is eligible to play.
  • Availability to obtain an accepted waiver form for insurance purposes which insures that the player is indeed covered by the insurance package offered by ISSA through the United States Adult Soccer Association through the Adult Council of US Soccer.


Soccer Fest 8 V 8 November 2016

USASA Soccer Fest

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Player Pass Policy



Starting January 1, 2017

ISSA Affiliated teams and players will

Use ISSA official pictured team rosters or

official ISSA pictured player passes

Team managers or team captains will present only official ISSA pictured player rosters or each player must present their tamper resistant current year player pass to the referee prior to being allowed to play.

There are NO exceptions to the rule.  A team with out an ISSA officialy pictured player roster or  a player without an official ISSA player pass are to be considered unregistered players and should they be allowed to play the league becomes unaffiliated and no insurance coverage remains in place for the players, the league or the referees.

Greetings Members and Friends...

We welcome our members, guests and friends to the Idaho State Soccer Association (ISSA) website. ISSA is an adult soccer association that is serving adult soccer teams and players throughout the state of Idaho.  

Established in 1980, ISSA has been serving the adult soccer community in Idaho for more than twenty five years and we are recognized as a Charter Member Association of the United States Soccer Federation (US Soccer).

We are proud to be affiliated with US Soccer and FIFA, and a part of the world of soccer, join us. 

Paul Scherer, ISSA President.

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Paul Scherer
Phone: 208-376-1635 Fax: 208-375-4911
Address: 10855 Ashburton Drive, Boise, ID, 83709

Vice President

Teresa Andrew
Phone: 208-345- 2915
Address: 2221 Illinois, Boise, ID 83706




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State Referee Administrator

Alex Jones